Rector Visits the Families of Bombay Seminarians

I was very happy to be able to pay a visit to the families of a majority of the Seminarians of the Archdiocese of Bombay during the Diwali holidays. I was glad to witness for myself the religious atmosphere in the homes, the affection for their sons and seminary colleagues, as well as the profound love for the Church. I was convinced that the Seminary, as an institution that is responsible for the Seminarians’ formation, is only continuing the formation that actually began in the home. And the family continues to provide the nurture that is paramount in supporting the Seminarian's vocational journey! Thank you very much, dear parents, for the gift you have made of your sons to God’s mission!

Celebrating the First World Day of the Poor

Welcome to the second term at St Pius! Yes, we are looking forward to staging the play on Oscar Romero, and it is going to be our way of falling in line with Pope Francis who has invited the church universal in celebrating the first WORLD DAY OF THE POOR on 19th November 2017! The life of Archbishop Oscar Romero is indeed a flesh and blood example of what Pope Francis urges us to do: draw close to the poor; and it will be a favourable moment to encounter the God we seek! “It is my wish, writes Pope Francis, that in the week preceding the World Day of the Poor, which falls this year on 19th November, the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time, Christian communities will make every effort to create mome

Vesting Ceremony of Bro. Allen Gomes

All over the world, the vocational occupations or life always includes a clothing which signifies the vocation. This clothing represents an identity the person gains as they belong to a particular vocation. A Doctor, Soldier, Police, Nurse et al, all have their own particular clothing that symbolizes their vocation. In the same vein, so does a Priest; for a Priest, the Cassock is the Clerical clothing which forms its identity. Therefore, the vesting of a Cassock is a significant moment in the life of a Seminarian. The Cassock forms an external sign of the Priesthood that symbolizes the inner spiritual significance. It also acts as an added inspiration for the Seminarian as he gets a future g

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