Acceptance of Candidates for Holy Orders

25th January, 2018 was a significant day for the St. Pius X community. On the solemn occasion of the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, the Eucharist was celebrated by His Lordship, Bishop Bosco Penha, where 6 brothers from 3rd Year of Theology were accepted as Candidates for Ordination as Deacons and Priests. While these brothers are preparing themselves to be admitted into the Holy Orders, 7 brothers from 2nd Year of Theology were also instituted with the Minor Orders of Acolytes. Congratulations to all these brothers! May St. Paul, who"met" Jesus very definitively on the way to Damascus, inspire you to strive to meet the Lord who will groom you on every remaining step of your way toward

Bombay Brothers Outing

The long-standing tradition of an annual outing for the Bombay Seminarians was eagerly awaited and took place on the 5th and 6th of January,2018 at St. Mary’s Villa, Khandala. The scenic beauty of Khandala was the perfect destination for relaxation, fun and community building. The primary aim of the outing was to foster community spirit and enhance bonding among the brothers and this was achieved through the trekking, singing, dancing, and games. This occasion of fellowship among brothers was graced with the presence of three beloved priests – Fr. K.T. Emmanuel, Fr. J.M. Feliu and Fr. Aniceto Pereira (Rector). The outing had a great balance between enjoyment and learning. A session was condu

Clergy Day 2017-2018 : An APPy Day

The 4th of January, 2018 was a celebration of the brotherhood of the Presbyterium in the Archdiocese of Bombay. This was the Clergy Day 2017-2018, with a very creative theme, 'The APPy Day', pertaining to mobile applications. The key objectives were to facilitate bonding among Priest brothers, interaction with seminarians, discussions on various topics of concerns within the Church in Bombay and most importantly to enjoy each others company. All these objectives were met to the satisfaction of each and every Bishop, Priest and Deacon in attendance. This wholesome gathering of the Diocesan Clergy began with Prayer in the beautiful main Chapel of St. Pius X Seminary. After the prayers, the pri

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