Orientation year

Fr. Prashant Padu (Moderator)

The candidates in their first year of Seminary formation are accorded more special attention and care. They have a program that differs from that of the rest of the students in the Seminary.

It comprises of a wide range of courses in spirituality, introductions to Scripture and theology,

sociology, psychology, personality development, language and many more. Besides, they also have field trips – cultural exposure, mission exposure, service to the sick and aged and a living out together and spiritual exercises – personal prayer, community prayer,

recollections and a retreat. Games and physical work are very much part of their schedule.


The number of new entrants varies from year to year with six as the minimum and eighteen as the maximum. They are housed away from the main community under the care of a Moderator who resides with them. They share responsibilities running their residence – prayer, cleaning and maintenance, cooking dinner, purchases, accounts etc. Their togetherness in prayer, studies, discussions, personal sharings and the many such activities facilitate brotherly bonds, holistically personal growth in self awareness, sensitivity and respect for one another, deeper understanding, concern and brotherly love among themselves and also a closer relationship with God and enhanced vision of the priesthood of Christ and service to his Church.

General Courses

World of Books
(20 lectures)

Fr John Barretto

Human Sexuality
(15 lectures)

Dr Winifred D’Souza

The Body: Medium of Worship
(30 lectures)

Ms Juliet D’Souza

Indian Social Reality
(20 lectures)

Bp Allwyn D’Silva


Guided Retreat

(8 days)

Fr J M Feliu SJ

First Steps in Spiritual Life

(20 lectures)

Fr John Cyriac SJ

Prarthana Parichaya

(10 lectures)

Fr John Cyriac SJ

Quest for Jesus

(20 lectures)

Fr Benhur Rodrigues

Liturgical Glimpses

(10 lectures)

Fr Anthony L Fernandes

Spirituality through Christian Art

(14 lectures)

Fr Dolreich Pereira

Paschal Mystery
(20 lectures)

Fr Wilfred D’Souza SDB

Catechism of the Catholic Church

(60 lectures)

Various Professors

Second Vatican Council and its Documents

(15 lectures)

Fr Prashant Padu

Reading the Bible as the Word of God

(60 lectures)

Various Resource Persons


Personality Development

(40 lectures)

Fr Benhur Rodrigues

Christian Personality

(15 lectures)

Bp Bosco Penha

Intensive Journal Workshop

(6 days)

Fr Jerome D’Souza SJ

Intensive Group Counselling 

(5 days)

 Fr Benhur Rodrigues

Individual Counselling 

Ms Sujatha Abraham



(100 lectures)

Dn Ivan and Ms Candida Rodrigues

Marathi Intensive Programme 

(for Bombay seminarians)

Fr Paul Painadath MST

Pastoral Use of the Media 

(5 days)

Fr Nigel Barrett & Team

English Intensive Programme 

(6 weeks)

Dn Ivan Fernandes & Team

Liturgical Singing & Music 

(9 lectures)

Fr Anthony L Fernandes

Typing & Computers 

(28 lectures)

Fr Nasli Reporter

Basic Accounting 

(12 lectures)

Fr Godwin Fernandes

Outreach Program 

(every Thursday)

Seminary Guidelines
(10 lectures)

Fr Prashant Padu