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Vesting Ceremony of Bro. Allen Gomes

All over the world, the vocational occupations or life always includes a clothing which signifies the vocation. This clothing represents an identity the person gains as they belong to a particular vocation. A Doctor, Soldier, Police, Nurse et al, all have their own particular clothing that symbolizes their vocation. In the same vein, so does a Priest; for a Priest, the Cassock is the Clerical clothing which forms its identity.

Therefore, the vesting of a Cassock is a significant moment in the life of a Seminarian. The Cassock forms an external sign of the Priesthood that symbolizes the inner spiritual significance. It also acts as an added inspiration for the Seminarian as he gets a future glimpse of himself as he journeys towards Priesthood.

Today, in a private ceremony, Fr. Aniceto Pereira, Rector of St. Pius X College, vested Bro. Allen Gomes of the Archdiocese of Delhi with a Cassock. In this private but a very solemn ritual, the Rector blessed the Cassock and Bro. Allen. He offered prayers for his continual dedication and commitment on his journey towards the Priesthood.

These are the thoughts of Bro. Allen, after the vesting ceremony.

"Through this experience I felt the responsibility of striving to be a good and simple Seminarian on his way to Priesthood. Now on wards, this cassock helps to form my identity both as a Seminarian and a future Priest. With the blessings and Grace of God, today I step into a new phase of my journey towards the Altar of God. This Cassock now means the sharing of Love and Mercy of Jesus Christ with others. At this moment, my only prayer is that may God grant that I may put on Christ."

Br. Santan Fernandes

2nd Year Philosophy

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