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Friendly Cricket Match- 20th March,2024

The workers’ welfare department in association with sports department of St. Pius X College Seminary orchestrated a thrilling cricket match between the brothers and the working staff of the seminary on March 20, 2024. Led by Captain Jordan, the workers' team, called St. Pius Pro, won the toss and elected to field first against the Brothers' team called St. Pius Bros, led by Captain Br Anand. Amidst the excitement, spectators and players enjoyed hot Vada pav and Appy Fizz juice during the break, cheered on by Fr. Benhur and Fr. Walter. The second innings witnessed a gripping turnaround as St. Pius Pro chased down the target with finesse and won the match. Commentators Bro. Noel and Bro. Liron added zest to the spectacle with their engaging commentary. This match between brothers and working staff culminated in a riveting display of sportsmanship, making it a memorable and enjoyable affair for all who participated and came to watch.

Br Nirmal Anthony C

1st year Philosophy


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