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‘Pax Vobiscum - Peace be with you’ - Christmas 2023

In recent days, the world has witnessed an escalation of violence and atrocities both on the domestic and international fronts. Suffering all this chaos and destruction, the human heart clamors and cries for peace. But where can we find this true human peace? The only and true source of peace is our Saviour, Jesus Christ, who, being God, humbled himself by taking the form of a lowly man and becoming one like us, except in sin.

This Christmas, the propaedeutic students of St Pius X Seminary focused on this theme, which is the need of the hour. The crib was a reflection of the war-torn places where destruction, death, and misery are rampant, but amidst all this, Christ is born to be the Prince of Peace. The crib was blessed and inaugurated by Fr Julian Saldhana, SJ. He spoke about seeing Christ in others if we want a society and world filled with peace and joy. The prayer service also focused on this very theme of peace, and intercessions for world peace were made by the entire St Pius X Community.

After the crib inauguration and prayer service, the seminary community spent some time in fellowship and sharing the Christmas spirit with songs, games, and joyful exchange. May Christ, our Lord, the Prince of Peace, reign in our hearts and families.

- Dorson D. D'Mello

2nd Year Theology



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