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Spiritual Conference- Fr. Jude Ferreira

“Scripture is central to Christian living through which we learn the faith.” To deeply understand the role of scripture in the life of seminarians and priests, St. Pius X College organised a spiritual conference, which was preached by Fr. Jude Ferreira on 7th Feb. A lover of scripture himself, Fr. Jude addressed the importance of the Word of God in the life of the Church, seminarian, and priest.

In the words of Cardinal Martini, he brought to life the images of scripture as water, food, hammer and sword. Emphasizing the force and power of scripture, he expressed how the Word of God supports the Church in her mission. To enter meaningfully into the scriptures one has to imbibe the Word of God in prayer life, studies and other activities.

These four R’s assist us to personally live the scriptures in our daily lives: Retire – to sit back, take a break and make time for God; Read – to slowly, internally and intensely read the Word of God; Reflect – to ponder on the Word and connect it to our personal life; and Renew – the need to rejuvenate, refresh, re-energize and revive our life.

Through the Eucharist as well as our personal and community prayers we are to allow the Word to imprint an indelible mark within us. The word is an effective tool while theologizing, proclaiming and preparing homilies, in novenas and paraliturgical services, in SCCs, church associations and other church organizations, in retreats, recollections, holy hour services, the sacraments, etc. He encouraged the seminarians and priests to let scripture be of service in the use of mass media.

He highlighted how the Word of God is an intimate part of the Christian life and has to ultimately lead us to holiness. Father also called attention to the Word as an indispensable part of life.

Connecting with the mission of the Universal Church, he shared three elements to the Synodal path.

1. Sharing the Word of God

2. Living the Word of God

3. Building the Kingdom of God on the foundation of the scriptures.

Finally, we were exhorted and challenged to be faithful witnesses to the Word of God.

Br. Ashton Pinto

1st year Theology.


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