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Former Rectors

Fr Suren Abreu

Eco-theology & Care for Creation

Fr Ryan Alex

Pastoral Ministry (Youth)

Fr Nigel Barrett


Fr Vincent D’Cruz

Pastoral Ministry (Catechetics)

Fr Michael D’Cunha

Infancy Narratives

Fr Errol D’Lima SJ

Theology of the Church and Laity

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Bp. John Rodrigues

2013 - 2016

Bp. Agnelo Gracias

2011 - 2013

Fr. Harry Vaz

2008 - 2011

Fr. Cleophas Fernandes

1999 - 2007

Fr. Caesar D’Mello

1993 - 1999

Fr. Agnelo Gracias

1985 - 1993

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Administration Staff

Composition and Services

A body of dedicated support staff contribute significantly to meeting material needs in the seminary and to its smooth functioning. They include administrative assistants, secretary, receptionists, maintenance and kitchen staff. Some support staff have rendered yeoman service for three to four decades. St. Pius College appreciates the services of all its support staff.

House Workers Panel

This panel consists of a Staff member and two Seminarians. It acts as a convenient interface between the house workers and the Seminary management. Problems and needs which the workers may express are discussed with the management, so as to arrive at a happy resolution. In this, “The Employment and Conciliation Code for Diocesan Institutions in the Archdiocese of Bombay” has been of assistance. At least thrice a year we gather the workers together for an interfaith prayer service, games and refreshments. All this has contributed to a remarkable cordiality between the workers and the seminary administration.

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