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 Academic Program

St Pius X Institute of Theology (SPXIT) offers seminarians, religious, and laity the following options for studying theology:


A comprehensive, in-depth program of theological studies lasting approximately three and a half years, leading to the ecclesiastical degree of Baccalaureate in Sacred Theology (S.T.B.) This program is obligatory for all seminarians.

Only those who have successfully completed a minimum two-year program in philosophy from a recognised institute may be admitted to the program.

Students in the baccalaureate program must complete 197 credits of theological courses in the following fields: Scripture, Fundamental and Systematic Theology, Moral and Pastoral Theology, Church History, Canon Law, and Spiritual Theology. Students not in the baccalaureate program may be exempted from certain courses.

Weekend parish ministry is compulsory for those in the baccalaureate program. The focus of pastoral ministry changes in each of the three years:

I Year Theology: Small Christian Communities

II Year Theology: Youth Ministry

III Year Theology: Adult Faith Formation

While seminarians are assigned to specific parishes for their weekend ministry, other students in the program have the option of doing their ministry either in their own home parish, or in another parish of their choice.

Another requirement for the baccalaureate degree is the writing of 3 academic papers:

I Year Theology: Guided research paper of 10-12 pages

II Year Theology: Contextual theology seminar paper and presentation

III Year Theology: Scientific paper of 30-35 pages

The baccalaureate program concludes with an oral comprehensive exam in theology. The exam lasts one hour before a board of three professors. Students who successfully complete all the program requirements will be awarded the ecclesiastical degree Sacrae Theologiae Baccalaureus (S.T.B).

After completing the Comprehensives, the students prepare for the Ad Auds (Confession Examination) and those intending to be ordained must attend a year of Pastoral Courses as part of their preparation for the diaconate and the priesthood.



Students who are not seminarians may opt to do a less intensive program of theological studies of either 1- or 2- or 3-years duration. For these students the weekend parish ministry and the academic papers are optional.


Laity and religious may be allowed to attend one or more specific courses in theology with the permission of the Director.

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