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Library & Classrooms

With more than 20,000 volumes and a subscription to over 80 journals, periodicals and magazines, the Seminary Library is a key resource and an essential player in the academic formation of the seminarians as well as the special needs of other researchers. Although the focus of the Library is obviously on the disciplines of Sacred Scripture, philosophy both western and Indian, theology and spirituality, other fields such as psychology and sociology deemed important to the formation of a priest are not neglected.


Despite its limitation in size, which sometimes makes accessibility difficult, the Library continues to expand and update its stock so as to avoid the risk of becoming outdated. To this effect, new classifications have been added which reflect current trends in philosophy,  theology and also management  and leadership.  At the same time, care is being taken to preserve not only certain valuable old journals and books but also to protect the intellectual patrimony of the Church, which is a vital part of our Christian heritage. In this way the Library also seeks to play a bigger role as an important repository of Christian knowledge in the city of Bombay.


Inhouse computers  enable researchers  to look up titles of books  and individual  articles  in the scientific  journals.  A separate Reference Library allows students access to important encyclopaedias,  dictionaries and other reference material. Computers in the Reference  Library  facilitate  easy  access  to material  required  in the preparation  of  research  papers  and assignments.  A “Circulating Library” also takes care of light reading by means of novels  both fiction and nonfiction. We are in the process of creating a CD and DVD library.


As a general rule, only students of St Pius X College and priests of the Archdiocese of Bombay are allowed to borrow books from the Library. Other bonafide researchers may be permitted to consult material with the prior approval of the Librarian.


To upgrade the facilities of the Library is expensive.  Thus we welcome donations.  Cheques  intended for this purpose may be drawn  in favour  of  “St  Pius  College”  and sent  to the Treasurer  with a note specifying  this  intention.  To donate  books  and magazines, please contact the Librarian.



Fr Dolreich Pereira


Tel: 29271217 / 29271554 / 29271560


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