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Refectory & Kitchen

Among the many bells ringing in the seminary, the sound of the ringing of a few bells remind everyone that it is time for meals. All assemble in the refectory (dining hall), to enjoy their meals. This seemingly simple routine relies on the smooth functioning of a small, yet significant world in the seminary – the 'Kitchen'.

The kitchen though a familiar place, is beyond our imagination in the seminary, churning out meals for over a hundred and fifty people, thrice a day, every single day. The kitchen team includes two priests, two nuns, five brothers and eight staff members. The efficiency of the kitchen lies in a synergy of systematic planning and execution.

The priests in charge, lead this system astutely by planning and overseeing the procurement of various ingredients, planning the daily menu, monitoring the necessary nutritional intake and minimizing waste. The nuns in the team help execute the plans drawn, supervise all related activities and maintain stock of ingredients. 

The meals prepared are served by the brothers in the team. They provide the numbers to be catered to, monitor the quantity served and review the taste of the food on a regular basis. Special diet needs of the infirm and allergic are also considered and attended to. 

Last but not least the eight staff members can be described as the working hands of the team. Among these, six are cooks who work in two shifts, and two, look after the upkeep of the refectory, washing vessels and cleaning tables.

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