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Regular physical exercise and an opportunity to play a variety of games is an integral part of the daily Seminary timetable.  There are a number of outdoor and indoor sports, as well as a fairly well equipped gymnasium. Minor changes over the past year have helped to improve outdoor ground facilities as well as indoor games and gymnasium facilities.  At the beginning of the year, the community is divided into four groups which engage in various tournaments throughout the year.  These tournaments are aimed at generating a spirit of healthy competition as well as collective fun and fellowship.  It is hoped that gradually every member of the community takes some form of physical exercise seriously.  This would serve various purposes which would be beneficial even later on in fulltime pastoral ministry: taking care of one’s physical health, learning how to release stress in a socially acceptable manner, learning how to work as a team towards a goal in a situation of play, and learning how to both win and lose gracefully.



Outdoor sports: Football, cricket, volleyball, basketball. 


Indoor sports: Table-tennis, badminton, carom.

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