Rector's Diamond Jubilee Address

Your Eminence, Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Emeritus Bishops Percival and Bosco, Auxiliary Bishops, Allwyn, Dominic Savio, Barthol, and John Staff, Students, Members of the St Pius X Convent Community, Friends and well wishers Let me begin by wishing all of us a Happy Diamond Jubilee Day of St. Pius X College, Goregaon. The pandemic has definitely toned down the magnitude of the celebration, but not our interior satisfaction at being members of the St Pius X Family on this great occasion when this Institution completes 60 years of its existence. We have gathered here to continue to thank God for granting the Archdiocese of Bombay this august Institution and for blessing the Staff and students wi

60th Diamond Jubilee Year - The Curtain Falls

5th October 2020, marked 60 years since the day St Pius X Seminary was inaugurated. The Seminary not only boasts of its long history but also about the significant role it has played in forming priests from all over the country. St Pius X Seminary boasts of being the Alma Mater of many Bishops, Priests, religious and laity who have played and still play an important role in the Church in India and the Universal Church at large. All this would not have been possible without the pioneering vision and zeal of the late Cardinal Valerian Gracias, the first Cardinal of Bombay and India. The seed planted by this great soul has bloomed into a great tree that has spread it roots far and wide and cont

Spiritual Conference: Priestly Vocation and Respect to Women

On 8th September 2020, as the church celebrated the feast of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the community of St Pius X Seminary had an online Spiritual Conference on Priestly vocation and respect to Women by Bishop Allwyn D’Silva, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay. The seminarians currently spread all over the country attended this spiritual conference online. He began with reflecting on the attitude many men, and especially priests and seminarians, have had in the past towards women: a patronizing attitude where women were looked down upon and seen as unequal and inferior. He stressed that this attitude is not the attitude we should have as followers of Christ and members of the Church,

New Workers in the Vineyard of the Lord - Inaugural Prayer Service for Propaedeutic Year 2020-2021

3rd September, 2020 was a joyful day for the family of St Pius X Seminary as eight young men were accepted as its newest members for the Propaedeutic Year at the Seminary. Of those who joined, there were six who joined for the Archdiocese of Bombay and two for the Diocese of Mysore. Due to the prevalent pandemic situation, the welcoming of the candidates was done online with their families and the St Pius X community participating in the virtual Prayer Service. The Prayer Service was conducted by Fr. Prashant Padu, the Director of the Propaedeutic Year and the seminarians. It emphasized the call of Jesus to the first disciples “Come and See” as this was the same invitation that Jesus had now

Inauguration of St. Pius X Seminary Academic year 2020-2021

In the midst of these trying times and after an unavoidable delay St Pius X Seminary began its 2020-2021 academic year 30th August. 2020, but with a big change. This year the seminary classes and other essential activities, required for formation of future priests, classes, meetings and sessions, all would be done online, while the seminarians remain in their Parishes, Minor Seminaries, homes, etc. This of course would be a temporary arrangement that will last until the situation mellows out. Every year the beginning of the inauguration of academic year is marked by the celebration of the Mass of the Holy Spirit celebrated by our dear shepherd and Archbishop, Cardinal Oswald Gracias. This no

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