Ordinations to the Diaconate

St. Pius X seminary rejoices to have seven chosen men, “Called in Grace, Formed in Love and Sent to Serve” as deacons. His Lordship Bishop Dominic SavioFernandes, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, ordained these seven seminarians as Deacons on 28 July 2019, among whom six are for the Archdiocese of Bombay and one for the diocese of Belgaum. On the eve of the ordination, the third year seminarians organized a preparatory prayer service. Fr. Aniceto Pereira, the Rector addressed these seven men as ‘set aside’ for the universal church. They are no more the common men but Clerics. He exhorted the brothers to be ‘detached from the world and to be attached to Christ.’ As you move out to serve the Church

Media Studio at St. Pius X Seminary

Pope Francis addressing the members of the Association of Foreign Press in Italy said, “communication is really a tool to build, not to destroy…” Media is the present need of the Church and St. Pius X Seminary is cautious not to lack behind this effective tool for evangelization. The new media studio was inaugurated on 26 July 2019. “We realized that this seminary as a bunch of talented tech-savvy brothers interested in media productions. Therefore with a lot of effort and generous contributions from the benefactors, we are indeed happy to inaugurate this new media studio. Media is an effective tool to spread the message in this new age” said Fr. Aniceto Pereira, Rector. The Chief Guest Fr.

Commissioning of Lectors and Acolytes

Every priest is called to be a shepherd of his flock. Every seminarian therefore goes through a preparatory journey. The first step is to be conferred the ministry of Lector, and then that of Acolyte. At St Pius College, these ministries are conferred on theologians in their first and second year of formation. This enables them to proclaim the Word of God and assist at the Eucharist with due reverence. His Lordship Bishop Bosco Penha, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, conferred the ministry of Lector to 13 first year theologians and the ministry of Acolyte to 14 second year theologians on 11 July 2019. In his homily, his Lordship challenged the brothers to reach out and evangelize fellow

Cardinal Oswald flags off the Academic Year at St Pius

‘All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them’ Acts 2:4. So to the Staff and Seminarians were enabled by the Spirit during the Mass of the Holy Spirit, celebrated by Cardinal Oswald Gracias on 8th July in the Seminary Chapel, marking the official beginning of the academic year. In his homily, Cardinal Gracias stressed upon the power of the Holy Spirit, which has been bestowed on us during the celebration of the sacrament of Confirmation. Each of us in our spiritual journey in the Seminary needs to be refilled with the Holy Spirit and to be led into the world for our ministry. He urged the community to pray intensely to the Holy S

A choice in freedom – asking to be admitted

The recent monsoon showers brought in a long-awaited chill in Mumbai, and great joy in St. Pius X Seminary too, when 18 brothers of our seminary were admitted to Candidacy, which is the ecclesiastical declaration of preparing themselves for the office of Diaconate and Priestly Ordination. Most. Rev. Dr. Percival Fernandez graced the solemn Eucharistic celebration and conferred the candidacy on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul. The celebration began on the eve of June 28, 2019 with a solemn prayer service by the Rector, Rev. Fr. Aniceto Pereira. He recalled the humble words of St. Augustine saying, ‘When I’m terrified by what I am for you, I am given comfort by what I am with you. For you I a

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