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Media Studio at St. Pius X Seminary

Pope Francis addressing the members of the Association of Foreign Press in Italy said, “communication is really a tool to build, not to destroy…” Media is the present need of the Church and St. Pius X Seminary is cautious not to lack behind this effective tool for evangelization. The new media studio was inaugurated on 26 July 2019.

“We realized that this seminary as a bunch of talented tech-savvy brothers interested in media productions. Therefore with a lot of effort and generous contributions from the benefactors, we are indeed happy to inaugurate this new media studio. Media is an effective tool to spread the message in this new age” said Fr. Aniceto Pereira, Rector.

The Chief Guest Fr. Nigel Barrett said, ‘we need to be effective in our ministry and perhaps today media is the right platform to communicate with youth. Therefore, let us rope in the young seminarians through this studio.”

The seminary is ever grateful to the continued support received from Fr. Nigel Barrett and the Catholic Communications Centre of the Archdiocese in various ways for this media studio.

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