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Ordinations to the Diaconate

St. Pius X seminary rejoices to have seven chosen men, “Called in Grace, Formed in Love and Sent to Serve” as deacons. His Lordship Bishop Dominic SavioFernandes, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, ordained these seven seminarians as Deacons on 28 July 2019, among whom six are for the Archdiocese of Bombay and one for the diocese of Belgaum.

On the eve of the ordination, the third year seminarians organized a preparatory prayer service. Fr. Aniceto Pereira, the Rector addressed these seven men as ‘set aside’ for the universal church. They are no more the common men but Clerics. He exhorted the brothers to be ‘detached from the world and to be attached to Christ.’ As you move out to serve the Church and its people, be ready not to run away from Christ but go out to anoint the people. Anoint them with love, care, concern and humility. After which the ordinandi made the solemn profession of faith, took the oath of fidelity - which is to obey the rules and laws of the church and its authorities, and lastly made a promise of celibacy.

His Lordship Bishop Dominic Savio Fernandes in his homily the next day, highlighted the importance of a Deacon as an ordained minister of the Church,to be the Disciple of Christ. To be a disciple is to know Jesus more intimately, to be His witnesses and to be the salt of the earth and light of the world; sent out to bring about healing in the lives of the people. He exhorted them to be committed and generous in doing so, to spend quality time in prayer because as future priests they are called to ‘prepare the path of the Lord’.

The ordination witnessed a lot of priests, family members and friends taking part in the joy and happiness of our deacons. After the mass, we congratulated the deacons for their persistent focus to serve the Lord and His Church. We thank the parents who have generously sacrificed their sons to the Church and pray for our deacons that they grow in Jesus and serve the church faithfully.

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