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Commissioning of Lectors and Acolytes

Every priest is called to be a shepherd of his flock. Every seminarian therefore goes through a preparatory journey. The first step is to be conferred the ministry of Lector, and then that of Acolyte. At St Pius College, these ministries are conferred on theologians in their first and second year of formation. This enables them to proclaim the Word of God and assist at the Eucharist with due reverence. His Lordship Bishop Bosco Penha, Emeritus Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay, conferred the ministry of Lector to 13 first year theologians and the ministry of Acolyte to 14 second year theologians on 11 July 2019.

In his homily, his Lordship challenged the brothers to reach out and evangelize fellow seminarians and others in the house. Praying, being polite, humble, kind and readiness to help each other, are some of the ways to reach out to our fellow companions and the people in the world. These should be the profound services engaged by seminarians who are conferred these ministries and are getting tuned to serve the church faithfully.

Bro. Anish Devasia formally proposed the vote of thanks to His Lordship, the staff and the community. While we are overwhelmed with joy and happiness, we wish the seminarians good luck in exercising their responsibilities with the true spirit of service to the church and its people.

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