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On We Go To Mount Mary's!

Come 8th September our eyes focus on the Basilica of Our Lady of the Mount, our hearts warm up with love for our Blessed Mother, and our feet get ready to climb up to Mount Mary’s!

By his Apostolic Brief of 1954 Pope Pius XII confirmed that this Basilica “was built in the year 1904 in the place of the previous one, which had been constructed in 1761, as this one could not hold the multitudes of the faithful who came to it. Verily, from ancient times is this hill sacred to the Mother of God, because already before the year 1566 the sons of Ignatius of Loyola established here a place of Marian devotion…”

The Pope further stated that “with the plenitude of Our Apostolic power … We permanently raise to the dignity and honour of a MINOR BASILICA the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the Mount, known in English s ‘Our Lady of the Mount’, situated in the suburbs of Bombay called Bandra and dedicated to the mystery of Her nativity, granting to it all the rights and privileges which are proper to Churches with such a title.”

Let us go up to Mount Mary’s, therefore, during the Feast and Octave, and be privileged to gather as a family, firmly resolving to live as the children of our Blessed Mother, ever close to her Son Jesus! We walk up as an expression of our love for Mary! But we also remember to carry in our hearts those who are physically unable to walk all the way or to walk at all, even people of other faiths, but who deeply desire to honour Mother Mary! Happy Feast!

Fr. Aniceto Pereira


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