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Rector's Welcome Message

Dear Brothers,

A hearty welcome to all of you! On behalf of the entire Staff I wish you a happy return to the Seminary for the next leg of your journey of preparation for the goal that the Lord has set before you! A special welcome to those who are entering the St. Pius family for the first time.

Hope you have relaxed and refreshed yourself after the hard work of the last academic year. All of you merited a break and I am sure you have made the best use of the vacations to recoup your energies.

My prayers are with your families who, after this vacation period, will continue to be concerned about you in this coming year, praying hard that the Lord may guide you through all that will unfold in the months to come.

Hope you were able to reconnect with your friends, your parish communities as well as your loved ones, and to share with them your experiences at St. Pius. I am sure they too pray for you, and gladden their hearts when they understand how much the Lord is working in your life.

It is nice that the first event on our schedule for this year is a retreat. The Lord who has called you very personally, is waiting to let you into intimate moments with Him, so that you can cherish who you are and what you want to become. We pray that you a profound beatific experience of the divine Master.

Wish you well as you begin this academic year! May you bless the Lord when things go well, and pray for a greater share of his grace when you face turbulence.

Fr. Aniceto Pereira


9th June, 2017

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