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Rector's Message from Assisi

We are coming to the end of International Formators' course and one highlight was our pilgrimage to Assisi yesterday. The mass we celebrated helped us to focus on Saints Joachim and Anne, parents of the Blessed Virgin Mary, as well as St Francis. And from our perspective we thought they were excellent formators! We therefore asked God to give us the grace to imitate them.

After the mass here am I, praying at the tomb of St Francis for peace in the world, especially in places where there is religious conflict. I also prayed for the ongoing success of the Church's mission of Inter Religious Dialogue, and that Seminarians may continue this mission begun by St Pope John Paul II in Assisi in 1986. I also prayed for the parents of all our seminarians.

See you soon on 5th August.

Fr. Aniceto Pereira


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