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Inauguration of the Library

St. Pius X College, our Archdiocesan Seminary is indeed very proud to have a well organized, comprehensive and systematized library. Our library boasts of a collection of over 23,500 books, 110 journals in the field of philosophy, theology and even secular articles. We also have newly introduced e-books and have a collection of 13,000 books which can be easily accessed by all the seminarians. Some of the philosophy and theology books are available as e-copies for quick reference. We also have a section of books for light readings called ‘Novel Ideas’, which has a good collection of fictional and non-fictional books. One can also avail of Movies and books in other languages like Marathi and Hindi. The Catechism of the Catholic Church in Konkani is available in the main library, along with books in Latin and Greek. Many professors and lay students from our city and abroad, avail of the facilities of our library to complete their project work. We also had the famous philosopher, Fr. Subhash Anand, a diocesan priest from Udaipur who had utilized the facilities of our library to accomplish his many works.

In the past few months, our library underwent lot of renovation like painting, electric work, lighting, additions of new racks in the main library, and so on. One can surely see the beautiful aesthetics that add much brightness and admiration, drawing many to visit the library. Our Reference Library too got an upgrade with 12 new computers of which four have internet connections along with four access points for laptops. The design and setup of the Reference library is modeled on one of the biggest universities in Paris. This major renovation in our library has been carried out after more than 40 years. The new facilities have made it more convenient and advantageous for the brothers who can now work on our assignments with ease and comfort, given the space and utilities.

All this is definitely not easy and behind this systematic and well-organized arrangement are the many hands that have worked and continue to work in order to provide the best of facilities. We are deeply grateful to Fr. Dolreich Pereira, who always works behind the scenes, for his excellent management skills and vision for our library. He has been ably assisted by Mr. Richard Rodrigues and Mr. Cyril to whom we are very much grateful. We are also thankful to all the brothers who have worked in the Library Department, including the current brothers, Jerry, Praveen, Santan, Clinton and Christi who work with dedication and enthusiasm. We thank our Rector, Fr. Aniceto Pereira who has supported the Library department and shared in its vision. We hope and believe that all these facilities may help us grow in our formation and enrich us with wisdom and intellect.

Br. Ashwin Castellino

3rd Year Theology

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