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Journey of Dn Joel Fernandes towards the Priesthood

"To be a Good Shepherd after the Heart of Christ"

When I joined the seminary one of the senior brothers told me that eight years seem to be too long, but once your seminary formation begins, these eight years will pass away swiftly. It really seems to me that the eight years of my seminary formation have just gone by and now I’m standing on the threshold waiting to be ordained a priest.

Dn Joel Fernandes

When I look back down memory lane, especially my formation years in the seminary there are many moments that I have cherished. The seminary gave me a chance to grow and flourish. It helped me to understand and deepen my vocation. The seminary formation in the areas of academics, spirituality, pastoral and human formation have only deepened my faith and broadened my mind and the way I think. The moderators and spiritual directors in the seminary chiseled me, moulded me and polished the rough edges in me that I may be a good priest after the heart of Christ.

In the seminary I made many friends and they too have some way or the other contributed in my formation. I will cherish the good times that I spent with my fellow brothers in the seminary, it will be hard for me bid farewell but deep down in my heart I know that we will definitely meet each other at some point in life. I thank God for being with me and journeying along with me all through my formation years in the seminary.

Dn. Joel Fernandes

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