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Journey of Dn Joseph Mathew towards the Priesthood

The priesthood is itself a conduit of God’s love that flows into the veins of the Church and the world. It is awesome to be instrumental in bringing disparate people together in the name of Jesus to form a covenant of love. This essential dimension of communitarian spirituality helped me greatly in my priestly formation in the seminary of St. Pius X.

I truly believe this seminary has been a home away from home, the warm nature of the formators, brothers and the employees went a long way in making my stay here a happy one. The seminary has enhanced my understanding of the priesthood and equipped me to face its challenges in the future and to make a genuine contribution in the Church and society.

I am blessed to be here at St Pius X college, the Archdiocesan seminary because it has given me a holistic formation, nurturing and moulding us into responsible and integrated human beings and at the same time into ardent and dedicated followers of Jesus Christ.

The Seminary formation has helped me to discover my potential and helped me to grow in confidence, with leadership qualities. I thank the Lord for journeying with me in my formative years. I am also grateful to all my professors who helped me to grow as a person in Christ.

Dn Joseph Mathew.

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