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Are you an Extrovert or Introvert” - Fr Joaquim asks the Seminarians

St. Pius X College, Goregaon organized a seminar on Social Communication for Pastoral Leadership under the guidance and motivation of Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, a Salesian Priest, Director of Tej-Prasarini - Don Bosco Communications, Mumbai. 28 Theologians, which included two religious Nuns from Carmelite sisters of Charity Vedruna, who are preparing themselves as the future pastor attended this seminar. It was held at St. Pius X College, A.V room from 2nd to 7th July, 2018.

Second and Third Year Theologians with Fr. Joaquim Fernandes, SDB.

Fr Joaquim has a vast experience in Media and Communication field, where his planner for the year is fully packed and he renders his expertise across the world. He broke ice by asking, “Can you tell me, Are you an Extrovert or Introvert?” This put all students on track and he made each one to evaluate themselves. He stressed upon Self communication which is the stepping stone for Social communication, where primary communication is communicating to self. The Principle objective of this seminar is bringing awareness about the Theological perspectives in Social Communication. The seminar sketched upon types of communication, verbal and non verbal communication, means to identify the Introvert and Extrovert, Visual recall and Visual construct, it also gave a picture about the various models of communication proposed by Lasswell, Berlo, Mc Luhan and Hans Ruedi Weber. The Papal document ‘Inter Mirifca (IM)’, was referred during the course to stress upon tasks and responsibilities of the communicators. The most interesting topic of this seminar was the Challenges faced by Christian Communicators in India and it was very useful as these Theologians’ are trained as the Ambassadors of Christ, Future communicators of Christ`s message.

As the extension of the seminar, a practical workshop was organized at Tej-Prasarini - Don Bosco Communications, Matunga. Seminarians were privileged to have Mr. Bosco, Radio Jockey working for All India Radio, FM Rainbow-107.1 MHz as the speaker for a day. The Man who is fine tuned for the Public speaking and Voice Training of the students. In spite of his busy schedule and late night on AIR, he was ready to teach the seminarians. Bosco said, “Voice is the best gift from God which one can get”. Seminarians were trained on Voice development by teaching them different breathing techniques and Public speaking skills because they would be future speakers for Christ, speaking in front of large audience. Sensing the pulse of young seminarians, he trained them to prepare a minute homily on any Sunday Gospel text and they were asked to deliver the one minute homily at Don Bosco Church Crept, Matunga.

After a delicious fellowship lunch at Salesian Provincial house, seminarians were trained to capture the Homily on their smart phones, when their companions delivered the homily. The memorable part of the workshop was the visit to the fully digitalized and fully equipped recording studio at Tej- Prasarini, which gave a sensual experience of the voice recording patterns which happens in broadcasting media channels. This was a firsthand experience for the group and they still cherish those memories while they flip through the photographs shot at the studio.

Finally this seminar was not only theory which was taught between the four walls but it consisted practical firsthand experience of how to record a movie and different moments which can be used as frame for a movie. As the part of the course, students were asked to prepare a movie for about 10 seconds on their vocation, call for the Priesthood. This workshop ended with a high tea at Tej-Prasarini.

Br. Kanika Dass

2nd Year Theology

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