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Ministry of Lector and Acolyte for Seminarians


On July 5th, 2018 the ministry of Lector and Acolyte was conferred on the seminarians studying in the First and Second Year Theology respectively. Eleven First Year Theologians were instituted as Lectors and seventeen Second Year Theologians as Acolytes by His Lordship, Bishop Percival Fernandez.

As ministers, Lectors proclaim the Scriptures at liturgical celebrations and acolytes serve at Eucharistic celebrations, assisting the priests and deacons while also taking Holy Communion to the sick.

First Year Theologians: Jerome D, Jenish Kavin, Kommu Sudharshan, Murmu Lawrence, Ninama Vinit, Paul George, Perumbilly Crisler, Pinto Lanson Maxim, Quadros Herold, Sequeira Aaron, T. Lijumon.

Second Year Theologians: A.Antic Arnold Ashwin, Bhabor Kamlesh, Colaco Melvyn, Dandavati Praveen, Dhodhade Avinash, Fernandes Alan, Fernandes Bernard, Fernandes Cliffy, Fernandes J., Fernandes Morgan, Fernandez Antony, Gomes Allen, Kanika Dass A.V., Koppal Prashant, Nunes Denvel, P.John Vino, S. Michael Einstein.

During his homily, bishop exhorted the seminarians to be reflections of Christ, in the Word of God that we proclaim and to bring the experience of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist to the faithful. The Institution of these ministries are important in the life of a seminarian as he is expected to be conferred with these ministries and function as such, before ordination.

We congratulate and pray for all our seminarians who have been newly instituted as Lectors and Acolytes that they may faithfully fulfill their ministries and continue to persevere in their mission of serving the people of God through the Word and the Eucharist.

Br. Keith Miranda

2nd Year Philosophy

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