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A long standing tradition in the seminary is to host the inter-class one-act play competition in the month of September. This year the classes were asked to put up plays in English and the result was a relaxing evening of fun and entertainment on Friday, 7th September, 2018. Six classes put up plays which tickled the funny bones of all present and at the same time compelled the audience to reflect on the thought provoking messages portrayed by the various characters.

The plays were a myriad mix of comedy, philosophical and theological reflections, contemporary events in society and somber courtroom dramas. The hard work and dedication of the community members was evident in the classy and elegant performances to which we were treated.

The cinematic lighting and soundtracks greatly added to the overall essence of each play. All this done by seminarians who have received no formal training in dramatics, lighting, media etc. This only shows the readiness and willingness of the seminarians to take up challenges.

While all the plays were of a high caliber, it was the play put up by the Third Year Theologians “What did Jesus Write: Theologizing to a Post-Modern World” – an exegetical yet comical analysis of the episode of Jesus and the sinner woman in Jn 8:1-11 – that won the unanimous approval of the judges and was declared as the best play. It also won awards for the best script and best direction.

A lot of effort goes into the staging of these plays. Seminarians have to make time for practices and other arrangements without compromising on their studies, spiritual and pastoral activities. Yet, every year they come up with very creative and thought provoking plays.

One might wonder if such an exercise is worth the effort. What many may not realize is that such an exercise facilitates greater bonding, discussion and deliberation among the seminarians, particularly among classmates. This is an important pillar of seminary formation known as the Human Formation.

The One-Act plays facilitate personality development and bring to the fore the vivid talents that God has blessed each seminarian with. It is not a platform for mere entertainment.

Br. Cedric Rosario

3rd Year Theology

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