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St Pius X College celebrates the feast of St. Gonsalo Garcia

The feast of St. Gonsalo Garcia, the second patron of the Archdiocese of Bombay has traditionally been an occasion which is looked forward to and celebrated with great pomp. This year, we had the celebrations on Friday, 8th February.

The day began with the solemn Holy Eucharist in Marathi. Fr Jodman Pereira, the main celebrant, in his homily emphasized the need for us to be witnesses of Christ in our everyday life. While being witnesses of Christ we will have to carry our cross as well. He specified 3 crosses in particular:

1. The Cross of inconvenience – To go outside our comfort zones and reach out to help others.

2. The Cross of Witness – To do good in our actions and not limit ourselves to words.

3. The Cross of Martyrdom – To die to ourselves so that Christ may live in us.

In the afternoon, after classes, a sumptuous festive meal awaited the community. This meal was prepared by the relatives of the seminarians from Uttan. Every one enjoyed the lip smacking fish cuisine along with traditional East Indian hand breads.

Alongside the meal a few brothers also entertained the community with Marathi folk songs which helped us dwell in the festive spirit. The brothers prepared well and took an extra effort to make the celebration an enjoyable one. A word of gratitude to all those who made this day a success especially the brothers who helped with the liturgy, decoration and the meals with the able support of our seminary staff members. We pray that St Gonsalo Garcia intercede for us and our families, so that we may live as witnesses to the Gospel of Christ as he did.

Br. Keith Miranda

2nd Year Philosophy

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