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Hearty Congratulations to Professor Varsha Variyar!

Professor Varsha Variyar completes 25 years of painstaking service of teaching Marathi to the students of St. Pius College. We congratulate her and thank her for such faithful labour of love.

Countless number of students have profited from her Marathi coaching. They have been able to use their proficiency in a variety of official work, as well as maintain a decent conversation with all and sundry to make themselves loved and accepted. Many have also graduated into the celebration of the liturgy in Marathi. Professor Varsha can take the credit for all these success stories.

We pray that God bless Professor Varsha with good health and continued success in all her endeavours. We also pray that God help her continue to offer her service to St Pius College.

Fr. Aniceto Pereira


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