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Rector’s Talk 06 March, 2024.

In the second Rector’s talk for the academic year 2023-2024, our Rector, Fr. Aniceto Pereira, extended heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing community prefect, Br. Rolwyn Lobo, and Assistant Community Prefect, Br. Ivan Kamble, while warmly welcoming the new prefect, Br. Edward Harris, and Assistant Prefect, Br. Amrose. The symbolic handing-over ceremony underscored continuity and renewal within our community. Expressing deep appreciation, the Rector acknowledged the collective efforts of students, faculty, staff, and workers, recognizing their pivotal role in the successful completion of the academic year. Farewells were bid to departing regents and deacons, marking transitions with grace. Drawing inspiration from Pope Francis' recent address to seminarians, the Rector emphasized the Church and the path to priesthood as dynamic "construction sites." He elucidated the Pope's message in light of the Synodal synthesis report, highlighting that the Universal Church and the path to the priesthood are like construction sites where all people walk together in synodality, listening to the Holy Spirit and the signs of our time. The Rector highlighted that our seminary is a microcosm of this construction site and urged engagement with the challenges of priestly ministry, fostering a culture of commitment and listening. Finally, he concluded with the words of St. Oscar Romero and encouraged all to embrace our educative relationships, recognizing the diverse functions of our seminary community as integral to our collective growth and mission. The talk ended with a vote of thanks given by Br. Edward Harris.


Br Roger Ruther Ford A

II Year Philosophy


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