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Wow!!! What a splendid evening!

St. Pius X College takes great care to form the future workers in the Lord’s vineyard to be well balanced in their ministry and also to develop their own talents. Every year the students stage one-act plays on various social, philosophical and moral issues. This helps them in their holistic formation as they move out to be ‘one among the people and yet without belonging to none.’ The event was held on 06 September 2019 in our college Auditorium.

Each class stages this theatre event with a specific concern either of the church or of society. This year our seminarians presented stories about safety for women and men wrongly framed in society, comedies, biblical and philosophical stories. The students of the propaedeutic year staged their drama on the establishment of the Seminary 60 years ago, drawing attention to the diamond jubilee celebrations for which the preparations have already began in full swing.

We were happy to have Rev. Fr. Savio de Sales, Rev. Fr. Gilbert de Lima and Ms. Jill Forte as our judges for the theatrical event. Their experience and journey in theatre was well appreciated. Perhaps we were also privileged to have Mr. Paras Charusia, a multi-talented director, actor and scriptwriter, and his expert advice to our seminarians after the play was much appreciated.

We at St. Pius X College help our students to be positively competitive in all that we do. Therefore, though this was an inter-class competition, our seminarians cheered and appreciated the winners in various areas, and the best plays for the year 2019-2020. We appreciate all our seminarians on-stage and off-stage for their active participation and for making the theatrical evening colorful and magnificent.

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