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Walking Pilgrimage to Mount Mary’s

The feast at Mount Mary’s Basilica, Bandra, is a very precious time for all Catholics as well as people of other faiths in and around Mumbai. St. Pius X Seminary is ever grateful to our Blessed Mother Mary for her intercession and continued blessings on each of us. As a spiritual gesture to thank our Mother, every year most of us undertake this walking pilgrimage to the Mount from Goregaon Seminary. This year on 11 September 2019, the Staff and students went up the Mount, as usual.

This walking pilgrimage reminds us about our Blessed Mother Mary at the time of the Annunciation; she too walked miles to meet and extended her help to her cousin Elizabeth. Thereafter Joseph and Mary wandered from place to place in search of an inn, and had to flee to Egypt for safety. Similarly, we at St. Pius X College walked in thanking our blessed Mother for being by the side of us in all our ups and downs in life.

The Holy Eucharist was celebrated at Mount Mary’s Basilica at 7.30am by Fr. Joseph Gonsalves, Professor at St. Pius X College. His Lordship Bp. John Rodrigues, the Rector of the Basilica, welcomed the staff and seminarians of St. Pius X College at the beginning of the Eucharist. ‘We are divided among ourselves and this division is not what the Lord intended. We need to be united among ourselves because God never deserts anyone who believes in Him and does His work irrespective of who we are’, said Fr. Joseph Gonsalves during his Homily.

The Rector of the seminary Rev. Fr. Aniceto Pereira thanked the people for their continuous support and prayers to the seminary. He also urged them to pray more fervently this year being the Diamond Jubilee of our seminary, and to plead to the Master of the harvest for more laborers in his vineyard.

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