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Azad Kaidi – Breaking the Prison Walls Within

Continuing the tradition of St. Pius X College, this year the Seminary staged, on 7th& 8th December, a Hindi Play titled “Azaad Kaidi” that had the following catch line, “A story unfolding within prison walls, but revealing the prison within us.” The plot revolved round a prison, where the prisoners are offered freedom by the jailer, if they can successfully kill a fellow prisoner, a Christian, imprisoned on charges of forced conversion. The story tantalisingly revealed what freedom meant to each prisoner but culminated with the idea of what true freedom really is- that Jesus Christ could offer, which goes beyond the boundaries of death itself! The play exposes the glorified mirage of the media, the self-seeking and selfish attitudes that our minds are clogged with, the subtle manipulations and the fleeting temptations of this world. The message of Christ in the play was loud and clear, recorded in the words of St Paul, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” (1 Corinthians 3: 17).

The play was well directed by Fr Ryan Alex and actively supported by Br Cliffy Fernandes. It was filled with intense drama, suspense and moments of humour. The Actors stole the limelight with their captivating performances on stage. Along with them, all the brothers worked extremely hard despite the regular tight schedules of the seminary, supporting one another in various portfolio departments assigned to them. Thus as one united family, all contributed greatly to the grand success of the play. The Rector and Staff too were supportive throughout the entire endeavour. It was indeed a great learning and growing experience for all of us in the seminary!

We thank all our benefactors, well-wishers, families, professors, relatives and friends who continually support this project each year. Your love, generous contributions and prayers help and inspire us to give our best in all we do! May God bless us all!

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