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Blood Donation Camp 2020

The universal church celebrates 11th February, which is the Feast of our Lady of Lourdes, as the World Sick Day. Conscious of the fact that as Christians we are called to be the Ambassadors of healing to the sick the St Pius College Infirmary Department in collaboration with Holy Family Hospital decided to organise a blood donation drive. We began the day with a solemn feast mass which was celebrated at the Seminary Grotto. The main celebrant of the feast mass was Fr Gilbert D'lima. In his thought-provoking homily he appreciated the selfless efforts of the infirmary department which worked 24 × 7 for the sick people in the seminary. He also said that blood donation is an act of mercy and love. The blood donation camp started at 1.30 pm. Preparations for this beautiful day were already accomplished by the infirmary department through a promotional drive which aimed at removing all the misconceptions regarding blood donation. The department also ensured that the logistical arrangements required for the camp were in place. The result was concretely manifested by the fact that all together 50 people participated in the camp. The blood donation camp started with a small prayer service led by Fr Aniceto Pereira who is the Rector as well as the Prefect of Health of our College. In his short address he thanked the Staff and Students of the college for their charitable act of donating blood, thus becoming a shining witness of love and mercy. The medical staff of Holy Family hospital worked efficiently and ensured that the donation drive was successful and proceeded in a systematic way. Certificates were issued to all who participated in the camp and they were also given nutritional food and drinks to rejuvenate their energy. Thus this blood donation camp will go down in the memoirs of the Seminary as a beautiful experience which spread the message of love and mercy.

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