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Annual Community Picnic 2020

In a secular sense picnic means a time of masti, joy and celebration. However the annual picnic of St Pius College for which the staff and students eagerly wait is not just a time of to rock and roll but also a time of convivence radiating faith, hope and love. 24th February , 2020 is a date which will remain in our memories because the annual community picnic at Farm Regency Resort Gorai was a relaxing experience for all amidst the tiring schedule of academics and assignments.

After the morning Eucharist all of us reached the resort at 9 am and after a relishing breakfast we all enjoyed the community sports activity which involved elements of group dynamics and team building. We then cooled ourselves in the swimming pool and water park. Post lunch we once again had recreational games which brought out team spirit and incisive planning.

The Cultural Department in collaboration with the other departments ensured that the picnic was efficiently organised and it became another platform for the staff and the students to share fraternal and brotherly bonds. We then left the place at 6 pm with the firm hope of enjoying the next picnic in the year 2021.

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