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“AD JESUM PER MARIAM” - Ordinations to the Diaconate 2021

This year 2021 has been better than the previous year though we are in midst of the pandemic, lockdown, third wave etc., but God had been gracious to all of us. In the midst of uncertainty, the Family of St. Pius X Seminary had a reason to celebrate because seven of our brothers were ordained as Deacons; Br. Aaron Sequeira and Br. Herold Quadros for Archdiocese of Bombay, Br. Hencel Macwana and Br. Surjith Golden for Diocese of Ahmedabad, Br. Crisler Perumbully and Br. Laurance Murmu for Diocese of Amravati, Br. Anish Devasia for Diocese of Baroda on 29th August 2021. After 8 years of formation they were accepted as Deacons in the Church.

As preparation for the great occasions, a prayer service was conducted by the 3rd Year Theology seminarians on 28th August 2021. The community of St. Pius X present here prayed for brothers Aaron, Anish, Crisler, Hencel, Harry, Laurance and Surjith. This was a culmination of a long period of formation as the seven candidates for the Diaconate made their profession of Faith, i.e. to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and her Magisterium, took the vow of fidelity to their Bishop, and made a promise of perpetual celibacy. The Rector, Fr. Aniceto addressed the community, and especially the ordinandi, about the significance of these vows they were taking and the implications for their lives. He urged them to take these vows seriously by giving the example of the late Rev. Fr. Stan Swamy who stood for the truth even to the point of giving his life. He also stressed that these vows are to be transformed into virtues so that the can dedicate themselves to love and serve the Church.

On 29th August, the Diaconate ordination mass was celebrated by Bp. Barthol Barretto, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay and concelebrated by Bp. Agnelo Gracias, Auxiliary Bishop Emeritus Of Bombay and the seminary staff. The Deacons chose their motto as "Ad Jesum per Mariam" which means “To Jesus through Mary”. These words were written by St. Luis de Montfort in latin reads- “Tuus Totus ego sum et omnia mea tua sint …”, which in english translation means “I am all yours, and all that I have belongs to you … O my lovable Jesus through Mary, your holy Mother.” The homily was given by the main celebrant Bp. Barthol in which, his Lordship spoke on the second reading of the day taken from the letter of James that says about the need to reach out the poor, orphans and widows. He urged them to translate Christ’s love in action especially in this pandemic, by remaining faithful to the three types of service i.e. service of the word of God, service of the Altar and service of charity. Due to the pandemic and covid protocols in place, the celebrations were toned down. However it was a majestic and profound day for the new Deacons, their families members that were present and also for the St Pius X family.

We congratulate the newly ordained deacons, and wish them all the very best in their ministry. As they prepare for their sacerdotal ordinations, we pray for the blessing of Almighty God, that they may become an ‘another Christ’ to all they meet and minister to in their lives.

Br. Angelo Carlos Silveira

1st Year Philosophy


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