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Advent Recollection 2021

The community of St. Pius X College participated in a one-day advent recollection guided by Fr Harold Vaz on 17th December 2021. The theme for the recollection was ‘Growing spiritually mature for pastoral ministry’ and thereby signifying the importance of spiritual growth. As pastors we need to primarily be healed from our own weaknesses so that we are well equipped to guide the flock entrusted to us after the heart of Christ. The call to holiness invites each one of us to take stock from time to time of our spiritual journey and assess one’s own growth.

As Diocesan priests we don’t have a particular form of spirituality like the others do. But as pastors our ministry is the location and object of our spirituality. During the course of our formation, we are to deal with our own weaknesses and challenges so that we don’t remain stuck in the same place. Rather our spiritual journey should and must enhance each one of us ‘to be in the place the Lord wants us to be’ and that’s the spiritual adventure we are called to participate in. He concluded by saying that ‘we should never end our journey as an incomplete human being.’ There was a Holy Hour from 11.30 am to 1.00 pm followed by benediction. During this time, priests were available for confession and all the brothers made the best of it. It was truly a grace-filled day. The recollection ended with the Holy Eucharist summing up the need for our spiritual growth to become the good shepherds.

Derrick Barnabas

i Yr Theology


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