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Arrival of the Propaedeutic Year Seminarians: 17th June, 2022.

It is surely a great moment of rejoicing for us as seven new candidates take their first steps in our seminary at St Pius X College with the aim to become Ambassadors for Christ. These seven young men were formally welcomed into the Seminary with a Prayer Service that was conducted by the seminarians of 1st year Philosophy at 6 pm in the main chapel. The new comers were accompanied by their family members. After the prayer service, Fr. Aniceto Pereira addressed and welcomed the new comers and their families with a beautiful message on one’s vocation and calling towards priesthood. The new comers include four from the Archdiocese of Bombay, their names are Jobin (St Anthony’s Church, Tembipada, Bhandup), Joel D’Silva (Our Lady of Nazareth Church, Bhayander), Reuben Michael (St Joseph’s Church, Belapur CBD), Tejas Bunkauli (Our Lady of the Sea Church, Uttan). The other three include Brijeshkumar Macwan (Diocese of Ahmedabad), Julius Kendi (Diocese of Poona) and Joyston Odathumparambil (Diocese of Vasai). We pray for God’s abundant blessings upon them as they begin with their Propaedeutic Year.

Br Cris Veigas

3rd Year Theology


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