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Christmas Crib prayer service 2021

As the bells rang at 7.30 pm on 21st December 2021, all the seminarians flocked towards the main entrance of the Seminary for the prayer service and inauguration ceremony of the Christmas Crib and Star. As per our tradition this year’s Christmas crib and Star too was prepared by the Propaedeutics. The prayer service started with a melodious carol Silent Night. Br. Mathew Fernandes, then welcomed everyone and announced the theme for this year’s crib that is “JOURNEYING TOGETHER”, inspired by the ongoing Synod on Synodality. Subsequently, the Crib was inaugurated by emeritus Bishop Percy. Later, Br. Edward and Br. Sunnith shared their thoughts on the theme of Crib and Star which was based on the theme of the Synod, “Communion, Participation, and Mission” to which they added two more axes, Listen and Discern. Then the reading was proclaimed from the Acts of apostles, which was connected to the theme of the Crib. This was followed by Intercessions for our various needs in different regional languages which form the kaleidoscope of cultures in the Seminary. The prayer service concluded with an exhortation by Bishop Percy and Fr. Rector’s words of gratitude and appreciation of the work of the Propaedeutics, in creating such a wonderful work of art. In the end, the seminarians sang a string of Christmas carols with gusto!

Liron D’Cunha

II year Philosophy


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