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The word Propaedeutic comes from the Greek word Propaideúo, which means ‘to teach beforehand.’ The Propaedeutic year is considered to be the foundation stone of Seminary formation. The Propaedeutic stage prepares each individual candidate for the priesthood for the journey ahead. It gives them time and space to develop a grounded spiritual life and helps them to prepare for the prolonged study that the formation journey demands well 'beforehand'

This year St Pius College is blessed with 9 Orients who answered the call of God under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to share in the Cross of Christ. Among those who joined, there were six who joined for the Archdiocese of Bombay, two for the Diocese of Mysore and one for the Diocese of Pune. They were officially welcomed as students of the Propaedeutic Year through a meaningful Prayer Service which was animated by Fr John Barretto who welcomed the Candidates and their Parents (online) on behalf of the Rector Fr Aniceto Pereira and the Director of Propaedeutic year Fr Prashant Padu. The overarching theme of the whole Prayer Service was ‘Come and see’. The candidates expressed their acceptance to this invitation of Christ by saying 'Here I am' as their names were called out. This was followed by the Gospel Reading, Reflection and Intercession. Subsequently there was a brief Address by the Rector of the College, Fr. Aniceto Pereira who reminisced his first day in the Seminary way back in June 1971. In his inspiring Address he referred to the document “The Gift of the Priestly Vocation” by the Vatican Congregation for the Clergy, which describes beautifully the journey of a Priestly vocation which begins from his mother's womb and progresses to his own family and then later moves on to the wider Christian family and then to the Seminary which nurtures a Christo- Centric Formation. The journey then culminates with the candidates becoming a part of the Presbyteral Family through their Ordination. Fr. Aniceto then emphasized on the Accompaniment that will be facilitated by the Propaedeutic Director and the other staff Members. He finally concluded his address by challenging the Candidates to grow in the Love of Christ and to persevere in their vocation through Prayer and Discernment.

Towards the end, Fr Aniceto handed over a copy of a Bible Diary and also of the same Document to the Candidates. The Service was enhanced by the Choir of the Seminary and also the Media Department which ensured a live streaming of the Service to the Families of the Candidates who could not join them this year due to Corona Pandemic.

Bro. Crisler,

4th Year Theology


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