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Cyber Security Seminar -18th August, 2023

Cyber security is a discipline that covers how to protect one’s electronic devices from attacks, hackers, and spammers. In today’s digital world one cannot ignore cyber security. A single security breach can lead to unwanted miseries. And so, to enlighten us on this topic we had in our midst Dr. Harold D’Costa, a top specialist in the field.

In the sessions he showed us how we can be unjustly framed on different social media apps, banking apps, etc. just by a click of a button. He brought to light how mobiles, banking apps, email, SMS can be bugged and how one’s personal information can be made public. It was an enriching experience to learn how to tackle our security concerns, and become aware of the dangers of cyberspace.

Br Anselm Miranda

2nd Year Theology


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