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Diaconate Ordination- 6th August 2023

Finally the day arrived. After seven long years of formation I would say this event was no less than a miracle. Families and close associates all assembled once again in the Main Chapel of the Seminary. Mixed feelings both of joy & awe. A strange feeling of fear that I am entering into the ‘holy orders of the Diaconate’, something very sacred. In the heart of my hearts I couldn’t believe that it was happening. However as the entrance procession began all was reality.

The message of his Lordship Bp Allwyn D’silva is still resounding in my ears – Enlarge the space of your tent, be inclusive by reaching out in love to all and keep away from clericalism. The entire Eucharist along with the several rituals of the ‘Diaconate ordination’ was a unique experience for me and believe that my classmates too would have experienced the same. And all that I want to repeat saying with a sincere heart of gratitude is ‘Thanks be to God’.

Dn. Anthony Rodriques

4th Year Theology


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