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Diaconate Ordination and Prayer Service, 7th August, 2022

It was a joyful occasion for the Archdiocese of Bombay and for the St. Pius X family, as four of our brothers were to be ordained as deacons. On August 6, there was a special prayer service in the evening for the deacons-to-be, led by the 3rd year theologians, at the end of which the ordinandi took their oaths to commit themselves to the obligations of a deacon in the presence of our Rector, Fr. Aniceto Pereira.

The next morning, August 7, the diaconate ordination commenced at 10.30 am with a solemn Holy Eucharist led by Bishop John Rodrigues, Auxiliary Bishop of Bombay. “Totally yours in love and service” was the theme chosen by the deacons. With heartfelt joy, we congratulate and pray for all the deacons that they may totally become like Christ in love and service and remain faithful to him throughout their lives.

Br. Roger Ford

1st Year Philosophy


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