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FABC 50 Conference

The FABC 50 conference led by Bishop Allwyn began with a quick recap on FABC and it's function delivered by Fr. Andrew. The whole event was neatly structured with a video followed by a brief talk around it. Bp. Allwyn spoke about the main theme of the FABC being ‘Journeying together as people of Asia’. Several crucial topics, which were disclosed during FABC 50 like the crisis that the Church of Asia is facing, how politics affects the Churches in Asian countries, emphasis on Pope Francis’ encyclicals ‘Laudato Si’, ‘Fratelli Tutti’, Climate crisis, involvement of youth and importance of family to name a few. It was reassuring to see Bishops in Asia listen to the Church and the challenges it faces today. Bp. Allwyn accentuated how the whole event was digitalized with the use of modern technology and a 2-hour video conference was possible with people around the globe giving their inputs. New realities like victims of human trafficking, migrants, and indigenous people are emerging and the Church of Asia realizes the need to include them in our pastoral ministry. It also amended the term ‘other faith’ to ‘neighboring faith.’ The talk concluded with a beautiful Song of Asia called ‘Bless our God who walks with us. We congratulate the FABC for celebrating successful 50 years and wish God’s blessings for the future.

Br Mathew Fernandes

1st Year Philosophy


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