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Feast of St. Gonsalo Garcia, 7th February, 2023

St. Gonsalo Garcia, the secondary patron of the Archdiocese of Bombay who hailed from the Bassein (Vasai) and is often regarded as the ‘son of the soil’. His martyrdom signifies the intense love for Christ and the Gospel. As tradition goes at St. Pius X, the feast of St. Gonsalo Garcia was organized by the seminarians primarily from the Archdiocese of Bombay and the Diocese of Vasai. The feast was celebrated on February 7, 2023. Fr. Avinash Dhodhade, from the Diocese of Vasai was the main celebrant for the Eucharist. The homily resounded the immense love St Gonsalo had for Christ that was seen through his response to ‘the call’ and action in spread the Kingdom of God. He drew parallels of the Gospel and the various forms of persecutions present today and invited us seminarians to be steadfast in our love for Christ emphasizing the theme ‘My Soul is Thirsting for you O Lord’. The brothers organized a cultural event in the refectory at lunch that sang to the local culture of Bombay and Vasai. They were dressed in traditional attire that celebrated their culture. Fr. Aniceto Pereira, Rector exhorted us to the life of St. Gonsalo Garcia as a maxim of operation in our vocation.

Br Dashiell Fonseca

2nd Year Philosophy


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