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Feast of St. Pius X and New Comers Day 2021

On Aug 21 we celebrated the feast of Pope St. Pius X, the patron saint of the seminary, starting with a promising and nourishing Holy Eucharist. Led by the serene yet vibrant choir made up of seminarians, the Rector, Fr. Aniceto Pereira celebrated the Eucharist during which he highlighted very beautifully the motto of Pope Pius X, i.e., “to restore all things in Christ”! He invited all the priests and future priests-to-be, to never give up on hope and continue to strive to restore all things in Christ post the pandemic. The mass was concluded by venerating St. Pius X and by reciting a special prayer, asking for his intercession for the whole St. Pius family.

The day did not end there. It was made more special with an exciting cultural event held in the community hall. On this feast day of St. Pius, all the new comers who joined the Seminary this year were welcomed. The theme of the program was ‘Pius Parivar - Khela Hobe’. It was dedicated to the spirit of sportsmanship and the love of a family coming together. The new members although having left their families and homes are never without a family, with Pius Parivar becoming a new family for them. The new comers presented some amazing performances like cultural dances and skits and also introduced themselves to the whole community. Their creative presentation made the day very entertaining and unforgettable. Two religious sisters from the PSOL congregation also became a part of the St. Pius family. The Rector welcomed each new comer by presenting to them a token of love. The event concluded by the inspiring words coming from Fr. John Barretto, professor and moderator in the seminary, who summed up the three basic qualities which we should learn from St. Pius X, i.e., simplicity, love for the Eucharist and praising God in all things. The day was indeed made memorable by the active and whole-hearted participation of all the members of the St. Pius community.

Br. Alton Extros

2nd Year Theology


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