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Fr Santan’s Ordination: A manifestation of joy - 07th January, 2024

The Archdiocese of Bombay rejoiced on Sunday, 7 th January 2024, as Dn. Santan Fernandes was ordained a priest in his iconic and historical home parish, Our Lady of Salvation Church, Dadar. It was beautiful to witness the sacerdotal ordination service. The solemn liturgy, active participation of the congregation, Santan’s ailing mother handing over the priestly vestments, laying of hands, priests welcoming him to priesthood with an embrace, the congregation rushing to meet Santan, and many more countless moments made this event an emotional and touching one. We thank God that He manifested his plan to Fr Santan and the community. It seems like a divine coincidence that this manifestation happened on the great feast of Epiphany. We wish Fr Santan the very best for his ministry.

Br Noel D’Souza

3rd Year Theology


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