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Best wishes to all the members of the St Pius X Family, Goregaon,

Cardinal Oswald, our Seminary Patron, Auxiliary Bishops, Staff, Students and their families, Employee, Benefactors, and Well-wishers.

As we pray through the intercession of St. Pius, we are aware that he is often known as the “Pope of the Eucharist”; we ask the Lord to save us from the on-going impact of the coronavirus, along with the lack of access to the celebration of the Eucharist. May our longing to celebrate the Eucharist enable us to appreciate its significance, as St Pius explained:

“Children have need of Him that they may be formed in habits of virtue;

youth have need of Him that they may obtain mastery over their passions; maidens have need of Him that they may preserve their innocence untarnished;

all men and women have need of Him that they may advance in virtue and carry out faithfully the duties of their state in life;

there are none who can afford to neglect this great source of spiritual strength, none who can do without Him.”

St Pius X, Pray for us.

- Fr. Aniceto Pereira,

Rector of the Seminary


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