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“Here I am, send me” - Ordinations to the Diaconate 2020

The year 2020 has been interpreted by many as a year of disasters and bad events. In the midst of these untoward happenings, the Family of St Pius X Seminary had an event that brought everyone joy and hope. This was the ordination to the transitional Diaconate of our seminarians, Br Cliffy Fernandes and Br Denvel Nunes on 1st November 2020, the feast of All Saints. After a long wait and eight years formation they were accepted as Deacons of the Archdiocese of Bombay.

In preparation for this event, and in keeping with the tradition of the house, an evening of prayer was organized by the 3rd Year Theology students and other seminarians on 31st October 2020. Those present prayed for Brs Cliffy and Denvel, and also for the other seminarians from their class who were or will be ordained as deacons in various parts of the country. This was a special evening as the two candidates for the Diaconate made their profession of Faith, i.e. to be faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church and her Magisterium, took the vow of fidelity to their Bishop, and made a promise of perpetual celibacy. Fr Aniceto spoke to all present, and especially the ordinandi, about the importance of these steps they were taking in their lives. Entering into the clerical state did not signify greater power and authority but instead a greater call to love and serve God and his people faithfully and as a family. A commitment to love and serve Holy Mother Church and her children through surrender, sacrifice and above all by love.

On 1st November, the mass for the ordination to the Diaconate was celebrated by Bishop Emeritus Percival Fernandez and concelebrated by Bishop Emeritus Bosco Penha and the seminary staff. The motto chosen was "Here I am, send me", to reflect the call of Our Lord and the readiness to be missionaries of His Gospel, to Believe, Preach and Practice the Holy Word of God. In the Homily, His Lordship spoke about Jesus being the Good Shepherd and the call to the new Deacons to emulate the example of the Supreme Shepherd and to spend their lives for the sheep. He also spoke about how it was out of love that God called them, and how it is in love that he now sends them to proclaim and preach His word. Though a modest affair due to the ongoing pandemic, none the less it was a solemn and blessed moment for the new Deacons, their families that were present and also for the St Pius X family.

Hearty congratulations to the newly ordained deacons; and we wish them God’s choicest blessings as they continue their ministry and prepare for their sacerdotal ordinations. We pray that through the intercession of St Pius X and the Saints, on whose feast they were ordained into the office of the Deacons, these our brothers may become an 'alter Christus' to all they encounter and minister to.

Br. Dorson D. D'Mello

2nd Year Philosophy


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