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Institution of Lector and Acolyte - 2022

Indeed, the 14th of July was a joyful day for the St Pius X Community because the students of I Year and II Year Theology were conferred the ministry of Lector and Acolyte. The theme for the Eucharistic celebration was, “To be the Word and Bread broken for all.” Ten students from I Year Theology were instituted as Lectors and Thirteen students from II Year Theology were instituted as Acolytes.

The institution of the ministry of Lector signifies the responsibility of the proclamation of the Word of God to the community. As an Acolyte, they shall serve the Lord by assisting the Priest and the Deacon during the Eucharistic celebration. The solemn mass was celebrated by his Lordship Bp. Percival Fernandez. During the Homily, the Bishop highlighted the significance of the Lector and Acolyte, that of being an effective instrument to serve the Lord and his Church. Holy Mother Church expects those entrusted with these sacred ministries to be rooted in Scripture and to share the Bread of Life by being witnesses. May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the intercession of Mother Mary be with all the brothers on whom the ministries of Lector and Acolyte were conferred so that they may be the Word and Bread broken for all.

Br Clinton Rayar

3rd Year Theology


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