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Lector and Acolyte 2021

On 9th October, the community of St. Pius X College was indeed happy because of the conferral of the Minor rites of Lector and Acolyte on the students of Theology. The theme for the celebration was “Called to nourish and cherish the people of God”. There were in all 13 First Year theologians who were instituted with the ministry of Lector; and 16 Second Year theologians along with 1 Third Year theologian who were instituted with the ministry of Acolyte. The solemn mass was celebrated and the rites administered by His Lordship Bp. Percival Fernandez.

As lectors, the brothers shall proclaim the word of God and as Acolytes, they shall assist the deacons and priests in the holy Eucharistic celebrations. In the holy mass, the Bishop highlighted the need to proclaim the Word of God with a proper understanding of it, without any pre-judgment of the text. He also said that we need to be alert as to the what is happening on the altar. In the Eucharistic celebration the whole congregation prayed for all the brothers who received their minor rites so that God may bestow on them the grace to carry out their ministries with meaning and commitment.

Br Charles Perianayagam

3rd Year Theology

Following is a link to a video explaining the functions of the Lector and Acolyte


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